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Be grateful, be trustworthy, never stop learning

Andrea Johnson, DVM


Andrea grew up a horse nut in Logan, WV, always planning to be an equine veterinarian.  In fact, in 5th grade, she had to predict where she would be in the year 2000, and her answer was "Living in Lexington KY, being a veterinarian and breeding quarter horses.” She got two out of the three!


She graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary School in 2001. She currently lives in Lexington after living and, practicing in Florence, KY from 2003-2011. While she never had the opportunity to actually breed quarter horses, there have been some Tennessee Walking Horse babies born at home. 

The big career change happened in 1999 when in her third year of veterinary school, she got her very first dog; a sweet, stubborn, and dedicated Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Tully.


Losing him to cancer at the age of 5 was another lesson that she would pass on to other pet owners on how to deal with heartbreak and loss. Her other teachers have been Fins, also a chessie, Mojo, a Great Dane, and the kitties; Stump, Biscuit, and Stiffler. 

She is currently being loved on, and trained by Clark, a Golden Retriever that excels as a therapy dog, and Beasley, a Great Dane that excels at napping. 

When not taking care of pets, she loves to run long distances, including half marathons, full marathons, and many others.  

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