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A Sad Goodbye To my Sister

So this one is really sad. I am such a happy boy normally, but I have had the worst last week. I didn’t even eat for a couple days…but I am starting to eat again and my mom says we will be ok. I had to say goodbye to my sister. She was a lot older than me (she was 12 and great danes usually live to be 6-8). I made fun of her a lot for being a grumpy old lady but I loved her.

Beasley had cancer (lymphoma) and was on chemo for that. Its wild how different chemo in dogs is….she felt awesome (still stole all my food if I didn’t wolf it down) and she was in remission for 4 months. But us big kiddos are prone to arthritis and she hurt her back badly stealing two sticks of butter a few months ago. She couldn’t get up anymore on her own and fell a lot. That scared her and she suddenly wasn’t enjoying her days. When she crossed the rainbow bridge, I got to be with her which was good for me. She got a lot of hamburgers and said goodbye while still munching one of them. She was the best (most of the time…she kicked me off the couch all the time) and I miss her so much. Upside…..all mom’s attention is for me!

It’s the hardest decision for a pet parent to make but we trust y’all to know when its time. I know my mom was so sad and worried and all….but here’s the thing that made it all make sense. Each one of us has things we LOVE to do. For me its play ball and get petted. For my sister, it was tear up amazon boxes and eat. When they day comes that we cant do those things, the kindest thing is to say goodbye. We will tell you if you listen.

If you have never been through it I would like to outline the process for you. Things you don’t know about are always more scary (like what the cat is thinking…always terrifying). Your kiddo will have an IV catheter placed right there with you, so there’s no painful needle sticks. Then, when you are ok a little happy juice will be given so your pup or kitty won’t be worried about why you are upset. When you are are ready the doc gives an overdose of anesthesia. Its all very sweet and peaceful.

The other hard decision for a pet parent is whether to stay with us or not. Its all ok. There was a really irritating article around the interwebs a while back that tried to shame people for chosing one thing over the other. So not true! Any awesome doc is gonna give us lots of happy meds so we will be not scared or stressed and the last thing we want to cause you is more stress. If you can be there rubbing our ears and saying I love you. Awesome. If its too much, that’s ok too….because it will happen anyway. We know how much you love us, always.

Never every worry that its too soon, or too late, or you aren’t doing it right. Trust the love we have for you and trust the love you have for us to know when and how its right.

Other than this one thing about life span, us doggos are pretty perfect.

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