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Hello friends, Dogtor Elroy here! It’s been a while since I’ve written. Since we last spoke a lot has changed in my life….I mean A LOT. Mom brought a new baby boy home and as if a baby wasn’t enough, mom brought a puppy sister home too! Colton and Katniss are so fun, but they sure are a lot for an old dogtor to take care of!

After I started chasing the puppy and baby around, I noticed that my joints were really starting to hurt. Luckily, mom noticed too. I went with mom to the hospital, and she took x-rays, which confirmed that I do have arthritis in my hips and elbows. She drew some blood, which was totally painless, I hardly even noticed since she gave me peanut butter! Then she used this blood to make platelet rich plasma and injected this in my joints while I was napping. Apparently, this stuff is regenerative, and I believe it because my elbows really started to feel better afterwards.

An old friend of mine, April, started working at the hospital recently and I really like her. She always has yummy treats like cheerios and milk bones! Mom said April is amazing with rehab and even helped my sister Sadie years ago. April has been helping mom laser my joints and has been having me do sit-stands and walk over cavaletti poles. I feel so much better afterwards and am really starting to regain some muscle strength… and a little bit of a belly from the treats… ha-ha!

For all my senior doggo friends out there who are having trouble getting around, don’t give up hope! There are so many options out there even beyond medication to help us out these days.

Well friends, I have a puppy and baby to catch up with. Talk to you soon!

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