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Clark's Diet: What should I eat?

Should I eat a wolf diet? Did wolves get cookies?

Wow, have you heard friends that some are having their hearts fail because we have been eating grain free food? Scary stuff! The FDA finally released the names of the foods and they are all “BEG” foods. See the list at

That means:

Boutique: small companies without a board certified veterinary nutritionist on staff, that put a lot of money into marketing and buzz words (organic, natural, holistic, grain free, etc) but no money into science to make sure its safe for us Exotic- weird ingredients. Nope I am not gonna eat a pea. Or a lentil. Try me.

Grain Free- not necessarily bad on it own. The companies that do science have grain free diets that haven’t hurt any of us. Seems like vets like science.

Now if I had my way, I would just eat cookies, snacks, the last bite of whatever my moms eating, whatever I find on the floor and cat food….oh and cat poop. YUM. That would be heaven! But I eat a couple different foods (Royal Canin Golden Retriever, my sisters Royal Canin Mobility Diet, and ProPlan Large breed too)….and I also get a fair amount of that stuff I mentioned that I would rather eat….Shhhh.

The sad thing is those brands of food that are hurting us are expensive and our parents thought they were trying to feed us the best. So spread the word my friends. Until we know more, stick with one of the researched backed brands (Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, ProPlan, Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin) to stay safe. Tell your parents. Those of who work at Pet2Vet don’t sell food (other than a little bit for those tummy trouble days) so our only purpose is keeping pets healthy and happy. Guess what…. the kid at the pet store saying why the big brands are so bad…IS PAID TO SELL FOOD. There are ways to cook your own food (with your parents help) or eat raw….but it takes a LOT of research and care to make sure your food is balanced and your family doesn’t get sick. Lets face it these folks at these companies didn’t get it right, so it would be hard in your kitchen. If you do want to go that way, BalanceIt is a tool created by a vet school to help!

And we can even connect you with a board certified nutritionist to help you with a raw or home cooked diet.

Come chat with us anytime. My mom and Katie are offering free 10 minute consultations to talk about your food this month because its important. Eating the right stuff can help keep us healthy and live a long time.

This stuff makes me snooze but if you want to read here is an amazing site from true experts that easy to understand:

Also I am happy to taste test anything, anytime. Text or call me at 859-488-6582 or better yet come visit me.

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