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Coping with COVID-19

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

dog doctor

Hi friends! For those of you who haven't met me, I'm Dogtor Elroy. My job is to help my mom take care of pets when they come to visit us at work.

Things have been different at work fact they seem a little different everywhere. There haven't been any hoomans allowed in our hospital for the last month...governor Beshear says we can't be doing that. Mom says that there is a terrible virus called COVID-19 going around. I don't know what that is, but it seems to be really scaring the hoomans and that makes me sad. I'm still able to come to work and help take care of my friends when they come to the hospital; I love being able to help them feel better. It's the strangest thing though, all my hooman work helpers have been wearing cloth muzzles on their face.... even my Mom! They look so funny with these muzzles on and it makes it very challenging for me to give them kisses which is usually what makes the hoomans happy. Mom says that this is to keep all the staff and clients safe; I'm glad she's looking out for us.

Things at home are odd too. Mom and Dad have been taking me on even more walks than usual. I need my rest to be a good dogtor, don't they know that? Mom told me that the American Veterinary Medical Association says that us dogs and cats can't give the virus to hoomans.... what a relief! I would be devastated if I thought I could make my hoomans sick by cuddling with them; I really like snuggle time with Mom and Dad. The good news about this virus is I seem to have a lot more time to do this since they are home ALL THE TIME.

I hope the hoomans have family they can hang out with at home like I do. I love cuddling with my brother! Maybe if a hooman doesn't have family they can adopt one of my friends who needs family too, then everyone would be happy!

Well, that's all for now. Until next time, stay safe Kentucky!

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