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Ear Kabooms Are Bad

was just going about my day, getting belly rubs, fetching the ball, making folks smile…..when BAM out of nowhere my ears went crazy. I tried everything…I rolled on them, I shook my head 1001 times, I scratched with my back paw….and nothing. It was AWFUL! So, I did what any good boi does and made sure my mom saw em. Apparently, they smelled super bad, because she made an awful face and immediately started doing stuff to me. I didn’t love the stuff, but they sure did feel better fast!! So….what the heck happened??

If you have beautiful floppy ears like me, or hairy ears like my doodle friends…or allergies like MOST of my friends it seems (I swear we doggos were tougher back in the day)….then it can happen to you. Heck, if you just have ears it can happen. But allergies, or things that block airflow can make it way more likely to happen.

How do you know if you have an ear infection…?? Trust me friends you will know. They are awful. But we playful kiddos more focused on other things so our parents might not notice. But if they do…..weird smell, red ear, swollen ear, head shaking, scratching, rubbing, or a weird color ear wax.

What to do? Get to the vet….they will look at it under the microscope and check for mites, yeast, bacteria etc. Get it all cleaned out and the right medicine in. You might also need allergy medicine or a special food to help. If its super red a zap with the therapy laser can make it feel better fast too. If you really hate having your sore ears messed with, they can even put in a long lasting treatment that works for 2 weeks.

Hopefully, like me, you will be a one and done with it, but some of my friends….oh my friends you just keep getting them. We have to have the allergy talk then. See humans sniff and snot when they have allergies because that is where their histamine is. Ours is in our skin (bummer) and mostly in our feet, ears, and rears. And we can be allergic to dust, pollen, mold, trees, grasses, something in our food or even cats and human! We will talk about that next month because gees….thats a whole other bag of milkbones.

Be sure to tell your doctor what meds work best for you! There are ones that stay in the ears if you get grumpy about letting your humans work on your ears. There are shots that can help if you hate pills. Lots of options to make you feel better.

My one friends tiny human even accidentally put a blue M&M in his ear. Ya just never know.

When you don’t have an infection, get your human to clean your ears once a week. My frens even made a video on how to do it!

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