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Eat, Play, Love: All Dogs Search for Fun

By Clark, Chief Happiness Officer at PetVet365

Hello, frens! It is me, ur floofy chief happiness officer—Clark!

So, I wanted to talk to y’all about how to make our lives better through…Enrichment--that’s a big word for us doggos. So, I looked it up, and it means:


[enˈriCHmənt] Noun 1. the action of enhancing or improving the quality of something.

We all know how much we love and need to play, eat, bork, hunt, chase, sniff, tug, stalk, and run. And, if we don’t get to do some of those things, we will find other ways to have fun… and sometimes, it’s not what our hoomans want.

For Instance, I did a strong hunt last week on a small stuffed bearded guy I found. He was so sketchy looking with his weird suit—I killed him good! But “apparently,” mom said it was a Christmas decoration…bummer! Exercise is super important too, but working our minds is just as important. And, there are times that we can’t exercise our bodies (via zoomies), like after a surgery, so this will really help us get through those times. Or, we will end up eating the couch. So, I got us some info so you can give to your hoomans—to help us stay out of trouble, and happy and healthy!


I love food. And there are a lot of ways to make dinner time more fun and work our pupper brains a little more, too. Mom takes the bowl of food and tosses it into the grass during nice days. This makes my nose work so much to find every delicious morsel. On rainy days, a snuffle mat made up of fleece that is tied up on both ends, or food rolled up in a towel, does make a super fun activity too. One of my favorite special treats is a Kong toy filled with goodies like cheese or peanut butter and frozen! Treat puzzles, balls that drop kibbles as they roll, and treat toys are all great options for doggos and cats! My kitty sister, Karen, loves to hunt for her food in rubber mice that get hidden all over the house (where I can’t reach…ugh).


We view the world through our noses and we love games that let us use our sniffers! Teaching us to find hidden toys, treats and other dog-safe items are all a blast to us. There are organized nosework classes and barn hunts for my houndy and super sniffer pupper friends. But all of us doggos love games where we can use this part of our brain. One my favorites is a “Sniffari”. Instead of a walk for exercise, my sister and I get to meander and sniff all the things (we even have special collars for this walk, so we know what’s what). Hoomans have email and doggos have “Pee-Mail.” We know who has been where in the neighborhood, and all the happenings around town are there for us when we get to sniff (Lucy the shepherd…I will never tell). We also love to play with you, from tug of war to hide and seek, anything will work. There is nothing better than time with our hoomans. Next to hoomans, some of us also love playing with other puppers, so supervised daycare can be a super outlet for our bodies and minds.


We spend most of our day waiting for you, so there is nothing more we love than spending time with our hoomans! It can be anything from teaching us a sport, to training us to pick up the laundry and putting it in the basket. Any new trick, it doesn’t matter what it is. Learning new things works our minds, and really wears us out too. I recently started dock diving, and it’s soooo much fun! I learned to do all kinds of silly and fun things. I just love it! On the other hand, My Great Dane sister Esther isn’t much into learning. When she is not sleeping, she gets most of her “enrichment” from eating and playing.


The interwebz has all kinds of places to get ideas for us doggos. One of them being on the Facebook? That kinda sounds like a fun toy, but anywho! It’s a group called “Canine Enrichment Ideas.” Mom said it has tons of DIY ideas for homemade food treats, huntin’ ideas, how to make a snuffle mat on the cheapo, and more! I am not a member since you must be 13 but get your hooman on there. And, I don’t mean to leave my frenemy kitty friends out, but we now have a cat in the C-suite (I voted no) so there will be guest blogs coming for the felines. Floofy Clark boi out!

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