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Heart (worm) Break!

Heartworms. AGH, those are scary little devils (I used stronger language but got in trouble for using words not appropriate for a 2-year-old). My friends’ heartworms are for real, and they are deadly. My mom yaks on and on (sigh) that she has never seen a case of rabies, but she sees dogs dying of heartworms every year. People don’t hesitate to vaccinate their pets, but don’t always get heartworm prevention is important.

I will tell you so you can tell your parents. MOSQUITOES SUCK and they are everywhere. Even in the winter. It only takes a few 50-degree days for them to be out and that happens here year-round. Crazy that Cincinnati was cited by the Companion Animal Parasite Council as the #1 city in the country for January heartworm growth. I work in the Cincinnati area and guess where I live…. #5 Lexington.


Heartworms are gross! Worms that grow in your heart and lungs. They are 100% fatal if not treated. And guess what the treatment is….arsenic injections in your back. Just, no. Even worse, you have to live in a box (humans call it a crate) for 12 weeks and have zero fun. My friends, not all of us survive the treatment. My mom is still sad about a little fella named Fozzy who was only 2 and passed away during treatment in 2003.


Don’t be scared…. they are easy to prevent. Remind your parents you need prevention. I get the Proheart injection. One quick poke and I am good for 6 months. Thing is, I can’t read a calendar, so the monthly pills are hit or miss. My mom says something about the cobblers kids having no shoes, but that makes no sense…I don’t even have shoes. Anyway…. its the best. And its safe. In other countries doggos get double or triple the dose once a year. Rumor has it us American doggos will have that luxury soon!

Doesn’t hurt at all. Hey, where’s my cheese? I’m brave!

My kitty friends…you guys have it tough. There is no treatment and one of the first signs is sudden death…. what the what?? It’s a weird disease in you guys so it’s different to test for. Even though most of you never go outside (HOUSE POOPERS!!!!) you still aren’t safe. 50% of cats that get it are house poopers only. And you guys hate pills, and proheart doesn’t exist for you. Your best bet is Revolution which is great because you get some stuff squirted on you and it protects you against fleas, ticks, ear mites, intestinal parasite and heartworms.

My mom and Katie believe its so important that they put Proheart in the wellness plans for dogs for free. So, make sure this in on your priority list. Skip getting your hair done or a new toy this month if you need to and keep safe my friend. Many flops,

Clark (CHO)

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