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Welcome to my blog! My doggo brothers, I have so much to share. My feline frenemies, some of you love me, some of you scare me, and some of you get super pointy when I try to say hello. I still love cats however because I love everything, which is why I rock the role of Chief Happiness Officer (CHO).

Today I want to bark about what happens when you come to Pet2Vet. Some of you seem SOOO worked with the pacing and the drooling and the whining and the clinging to your humans. And biting, really? How scared do you have to be to bite? I hope I never find out. I don’t worry about the vet because it’s my mom. She’s always poking and prodding on me, checking out this and that. I’m used to it. BUT I do sometimes have to get my hair done. These gorgeous locks don’t do themselves you know. I digress. I know how it feels to be somewhere with weird smells, loud things, and people touching you in LOTS of weird places.

Getting My Hair Did

We do it differently at my hospital. We are fear free (learn more at Nellie helps your parents when they make the appointment by asking what your favorite treats are and if you are nervous. It’s quiet here so you won’t have to sniff 10 butts the minute you walk in the door, that’s overwhelming. So many butts.

You get to pick a treat on check in! I don’t ever get to check in (bummer), but since I work here I steal the treats frequently. My favorites are the frosty paws ice cream and the tennis balls. Our rooms are fun too…one has the best picture of ME! They have couches, rugs, music and no cold exam tables. You get to hang out on the floor or on the couch or in your human’s lap. And wait...I haven’t even gotten to the best part. THE THERMOMETERS! If you don’t know where your temperature usually gets taken…well I won’t even trouble you with the thought. For those of you in the know, they do it in the ear with a magic radar gun here!! It’s the best. okay I got excited, that really isn’t the best part. Cheeses and peanut butters are the best part. The snacks are everywhere, and all the time. Who cares if someone listens to your heart with a stethoscope if you get to snack on peanut butter the whole time. I steal these a lot too.

I have heard that some places try to take you away from your humans to do stuff. There is no need for that. Unless your humans are the type to pass out when they see a needle, we can take your samples right in the room while you eat peanut butter. Well the techs will…I don’t have thumbs. If you get super scared and feel all crazy because of it we just stop. Nobody is going to make you do anything. If you are too worried, you can take some happy pills home and come back another day. I have never had the happy pills because I never worry about anything except my sister Karen the cat and inflatables around the holidays. My mom used take the happy pills for the dentist. I don’t think she tried to bite, but the pills still helped. No reason to be scared.

To my kitty friends so many things are still the same, but you guys never go anywhere fun so you are usually extra nervous. You have your own room here that I am never allowed to go in. EVER. Mom says it can’t smell like a dog because, apparently, some cats think we stink (I think she makes that up). Your room is the coolest with kitty calming magic pheromones, soothing music and cool things to climb on and hide in.

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