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No fleas and ticks for me!

I don’t do fleas or ticks. Just NO. My hair is way too luxurious to be going bald from itching and I am way too busy to get lyme disease (I have 8 jobs!). Doggo and kitty friends, there is NO NEED to deal with them anymore. I take a tasty chew every 3 months called Bravecto and that’s it. Done, never have creepy crawlies. I don’t have to have anything greasy on my fantabulous flowing hair. There is a new class of drugs out called isoxazolines (maybe I spelled that right??) that includes bravecto, nexguard, simparica and crededlio. They are all awesome and work great. Frontline and advantage used to work, but they are 25+ years old and the fleas got mean, tough and smart and just laugh at it. And ticks…. gees they are the toughest things to kill and carry lyme disease and erlichiosis. Bad news. But mostly I just like the treat.

If you see a flea on your dog there are 100’s of eggs in your house so, get busy clearing it all out. Best just to do my plan and never get them in the first place. Mom even treats my cat sister Karen even though she never goes outside…apparently the crafty little buggers can ride in on your pants. Sketch! She won’t eat a treat or take a pill, so she gets the hair squirt called Revolution. She still hates it because, well as far as I can tell she hates everything.

Make sure you stay safe my friends. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to be the flea kid? Or to give your friends fleas? This is me and my sister. Mom thinks its real funny to make me balance the Bravecto treat on my snout. Karen gets her back for me.

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