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Pearly White Teeth: Way More Important Than Avoiding Death Breath!

This is me doing my brushing. I have to have some help because of the no thumb thing, but I love it! This chicken toothpaste tastes delish. Try it friends (my kitty frenemies they even make fishy for you).

And, even though I am only 2, I have already had my teeth cleaned. Humans get theirs cleaned even with brushing, right? Even seeing a little yellow buildup means that bacteria can be going from your gums and into your heart, kidneys and liver.

Some of you guys may be worried about anesthesia, but my mom tells me all the time that risk is nothing compared to the risk to my health of gum disease. And if you start early, dentals are super quick and you get to keep all your teeth all your life. If you wait til you are all yuck mouth, then you have to sleep way longer which makes it a little scarier and you probably will have teeth pulled. Some of my friends tell me how much those bad teeth make their head hurt but they cant tell anyone.

How do I keep my chompers ready to fetch balls, chew sticks and nosh cookies? I do 3 things:

  1. Dental cleanings. I just had my first one and its EXACTLY like what humans get. Ultrasonic scaling, pocket probing and measurements, full mouth and tonsil check for tumors, and polishing to smooth them and make them feel awesome. Yearly for us bigger boys, but some of my tiny friends even need them more.

  2. Brushing. Yummy toothpaste with a little brush just for us pets make this not so bad. Just tell your mom and dad to start slow and get you used to it over a couple weeks. Bug them to do this to you every other day at least.

  3. Dental chews. Ok this is my favorite! I love them all. Greenies, enzyme coated strip chews, and ALL THE THINGS. I .WILL. EAT. THEM. ALL. My kitty sister is a much bigger snot about these things, but after 10000 different tries she finally liked one.

Where are you on this chart friend? If you have questions, gimme a woof at the hospital and I will help you with a plan.

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