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Seperation Anxiety

My life recently got AWESOMER. My mom stopped going out with her friends, stopped going to the gym…she just stayed home with ME, or we went to work. It was great. And I got a new sister so we all spent all the time together. I have noticed she is starting to sneak out again….so I wanted to talk to you doggo friends about something I know some of you struggled with before the pandemic (whatever that is) and might get a lot worse after. The big fancy vet word is SEPARATION ANXIETY….but I call it the PLEASE DON’T LEAVE OR I WILL LOSE MY COOKIE LOVING MIND.

At first, I think our humans think how sweet, my doggo loves me that much (we do!) but it takes a dark turn. We can be stressed, panting, crying barking, destructive, make ourselves sick, chew up the couch, forget house training and its miserable. Basically we haven’t learned to be secure and okay alone. Its bad for us, bad for our parents and bad for our human neighbors.

So tell your human if they are still working from home, or just starting to ease back into normal activity…to start now if they have been spending all day every day with you. I know, I know this is crazy advice, but you will thank me later. Advise your humans to start leaving the house every day for a bit. Even if its only for a drive. It will help us. And when you are home with us, put a kong toy or a favorite longer lasting treat in another room and help us be separate for a while each day. Even a baby gate can work. And we are way less worried about stuff (even you) if we are pooped….so a good play or walk before you leave can be awesome.

What if you already have the home alone crazies?? There is help. Your human can keep you busy with food puzzles, grazing mats, there are even cameras that can throw us treats! If you are level 5 and seriously need the help….talk to your dog doc. They can work with a trainer to help you. There are lots of great things like Thundershirts, pheromones, supplements and even medications that when coupled with a great trainer can lick about any problem (with a lot of hard work). Each of us doggos is very different so work with your team to figure out what you need to feel safe and secure at home.

The doggos were the winners in the pandemic. My kitty sister is still super mad. I also think the humans are going to have some separation anxiety. They have been used to having us around all the time. Do they make Thundershirts for them? Pretty sure my mom needs one, but I am not sharing my peanut butter that I get in my kong. Text PetVet365 if you need help!

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