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Wellness Plans: Keeping your pet healthy and happy

Images of puppies and older pets if possible


Preventive care is vital for the overall health for your pet. Providing the needed vaccinations, exams and tests ensure your pet's health and greatly increase the chances of finding any potential issues early for better outcomes and lower costs.

Wellness plans can help you spread the cost of your pet’s routine veterinary care and, unlike pet insurance, you’ll only pay for the treatments and services you use. Plans cover routine care such as microchipping, vaccinations and dental care, and help you spread the cost of improving and maintaining the standard of your pet’s overall health throughout their lifetime.  

By paying a small monthly amount you can spread the cost of routine care and keep on top of your pet’s health. This means you can adopt a more proactive approach to veterinary care, and wellness plans can help you spot the early signs of any conditions or diseases before they escalate into a more serious, and potentially very expensive, health problem. 

To pre-enroll, start by checking out the Wellness Plans we offer. Simply select the plan that best fits your pet, select pre-enroll, and a member of our team will reach out to complete the process of setting up a wellness exam and completing your pet's Wellness Plan enrollment. It's easy, we have a plan for your pet's health and a budget friendly payment for you.