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We are the first and only network of veterinarians with a 100% Fear Free certified staff and hospitals thoughtfully designed to provide a peaceful experience.

Love the Fear Free concept. Unlike any vet we've ever been to! The cute little exam rooms look like a comfy living room. The tech and doc come into you armed with lots of treats and cuddles. We'll be clients for life.


Fear Free starts before you walk in the door

We gather critical information about your pet's likes and emotional history prior to your visit so we can provide a calm experience.
We decrease encounters with other pets with animal-specific exam rooms, frosted glass doors, and no waiting rooms.

We promote a calm state with soothing music, pheromones, and therapeutic massage.

Creating a scientifically proven Fear Free experience means we've eliminated all the elements that used to make the vet a scary place for pets.

Developed by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker in 2016, the Fear Free team now includes over 250 veterinary experts in their advisory group, including 100+ veterinary behaviorists. The Fear Free initiative aims to “take the ‘pet’ out of ‘petrified’” and get pets back for regular veterinary visits by promoting a considerate approach and gentle control techniques in calming environments. Fear Free methods and protocols lead to the reduction or removal of anxiety triggers, resulting in an experience that is rewarding and safer for all involved, including pets, their owners, and veterinary health care teams.

Fear Free practices benefit the animal, their owner, and the veterinarian. By reducing your pet's anxiety and fear while visiting our office, the experience will be significantly more comfortable for you and your pet, while also allowing us to provide the best possible care. Less stressful veterinary care = healthier and happier pets and pet parents!

Pets often become reactive or aggressive when they’re feeling stressed or anxious. We do everything we can to reduce triggering or stressful experiences. For example, we bypass stressful encounters with other pets by escorting you and your pet directly to your exam room, complete with frosted glass doors and windows so pets don’t even have to see each other. Fear Free techniques also include taking the time to get to know your pet, sitting with them on the floor, calming music and scents, offering them their favorite treats, and never forcing treatment or using restraint.

At PetVet365, all aspects of our Fear Free environment and care are designed to reduce fear in pets. We offer Happy and/or Victory Visits to help nervous pets become more familiar with us and our hospitals. Our cozy exam rooms alone can calm fearful pets. Our techniques and our staff also play a huge role in keeping pets calm with treats, cuddles, and patience. We use favorite treats, i.e. squeeze cheese, whip cream, peanut butter, etc., or toys to distract pets so they’re more cooperative in our care while they begin to reassociate positive experiences with veterinary care. 

My cat hates her carrier but then refuses to come out once we're at the vet. Help!

We get it, new people and places can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. And we don’t believe in forcing the issue. Sometimes we use tricks like delicious treats and a calm voice to entice apprehensive pets out of their hiding spots. Oftentimes, patience is the answer. We will never force your pet beyond their comfort zone, so if it means giving your cat a few hours in his cat room to warm up to his new environment, we’ll make it happen! 

What if my dog bit a vet tech at our last veterinarian’s office? Will you still see him?

Collecting information from you prior to your first visit allows us to come up with a treatment plan for our more fearful patients. We will discuss different options and approaches to handling your dog, i.e. giving him plenty of time to warm up to us, softening him up with the most delicious treats while we sit on the opposite side of the exam room, or maybe a pharmacological solution would help. We believe in quality, customized care, even if it takes more time and effort on our part. Every pet is worth it!

The entire philosophy behind Fear Free is creating a fun, positive veterinary experience. In human terms, even if you (or your child) don’t have a crippling fear of visiting your doctor, wouldn’t you all enjoy the experience a whole lot more if the doctor’s office and staff went above and beyond to provide the most comfortable visit, including offering your favorite snacks and toys? It’s a win-win! Plus, the Fear Free experience significantly reduces the likelihood of your pet having a traumatic vet experience and developing new stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits. 

My pet isn’t nervous to come to the vet. Is the Fear Free approach worth it for us?

What does Fear Free look like?

PetVet365_Florence 110.jpg
we miss you.jpg

Feels Like Home

Our exam rooms are designed like a living room, complete with couches, toys, and music. Our vets will examine your pet where they're most comfortable - on the floor, the couch, or your lap.

cats on bridge.png


Cat Rooms

Designed by animal behaviorists, our cat-specific rooms are a feline playground with cat trees, special treats, and soothing pheromones.




We customize the visit to each individual pet, including their favorite treats. When we give them what they want, they trust us a whole lot more, which leads to even better care and calmer visits.

dog and kids at front desk.png

More Fun,

Less Stress

Taking comfort to the next level with tricks like pup cups on the scale, extra cuddles, or quality alone time. Each pet is different and we cater to their demeanor.

PetVet365_Florence 110.jpg

Victory Visits

Pets are most comfortable when they are familiar with their environment. Bring your pet in any time for a treat and the hospital will quickly be their favorite spot!

we miss you.jpg

No Waiting


You'll be escorted straight to your exam room to avoid potentially stressful encounters with other furry patients. Take a seat, choose a treat, and make yourselves at home.

Going to the vet can be fun.
With Fear Free care methods, we'll be best furfriends by the end of their first visit.

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