Join Our Team: Our story started with a team of veterinary entrepreneurs determined to offer the highest quality care for pets and their families in the best possible way. That is only part of our purpose, we also believe strongly that the animal healthcare profession needs to be reinvented to take better care of the people who devote their lives to helping pets. We live this everyday by striving to be a best-in-class place to work. 


How are we different?


  • Ownership opportunities for all veterinarians

  • Fear Free experience enhances veterinary/ client/pet bond

  • Personalized benefits package customized to you

  • Focus on mentoring and teaching: Collaborative forum for all PetVet365 veterinarians to ask questions and receive ideas and feedback in real time

  • Family Focus: We want to get everyone home on time for supper

  • Tremendous client loyalty- see reviews

  • Focus on leadership and teamwork 

  • Your clients triaged after hours by a veterinary technician team 

  • Weekly check-ins to see how you are feeling

  • Embrace emerging veterinary modalities and technology

  • Best-in-class pay

  • Support career path opportunities for veterinary team education and certifications