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December 2022



Brannon Crossing and Lexington Leading the Way

4-week average >20%

  • Anderson 23%

  • Brannon Crossing 23%

  • Harrodsburg Road 21%

YTD >20%

  • Florence 23%

  • Jeffersontown 25%

  • Brannon Crossing 27%

By Pod - Lexington 22%

How can you or your clients meet our why if we don't have VIP members? What will you do differently? It's up to you no one else but you.

Best-Ever Revenue Last 4 weeks - Helping more pets

  • Newport

  • Wilkins Township/Monroeville



We talked about Thinking Bigger at Partner Palooza. Thinking bigger requires zooming out to 10,000 feet. I believe the best way to make sure we are zoomed out is to revisit our Purpose, Mission, Vision and how we live our brand. I keep this card with me at all times. For me, I find it helps me to stay on track, focus on the most important things, and refer back to our core beliefs when making decisions. I encourage you to make sure you have a card and keep it with you at all times. If you don’t have one of these cards reach out to Dr. Porter

We are in the business to help pets, and we do this better than anyone. Help us spread the word about what makes us unique:

  • Access 365 days a year

  • Fear Free Experience

  • Personalized Care

  • Innovation

  • People first


Our Culture and Brand

At a recent meeting of pod leaders we opened up the discussion to what makes our culture and brand. This was the brainstorming session. What do you think?


  • Fear Free

  • Kindness

  • Happy vets --> best care

  • Best damn client experience

  • People first

  • Pet experience

  • Clinical outcomes

  • Enriching work environment

  • Freedom within a framework

  • People are the agenda

  • Tech that works

  • Industry leading

  • Fun

  • Mentorship

  • Bacon and belly rubs

  • Cookies and couches

  • Work life balance

  • Financial freedom

  • Speed to trust

  • Transparency

  • Authenticity

  • Community

  • Connected

  • Vet-owned, vet-led

  • Partnership

  • Commitment


  • Ownership / Partnership

  • Well-being / Proactive development

  • Uniform/consistent technology 365

  • Operating hours

  • Tele-health

  • Hospital design

  • Membership plans

  • Fear Free


Head to Tails with Olivia Walker, DVM

Name: Olivia Walker, DVM

Role: Associate veterinarian

Best Thing about PetVet365: Approachable folks from top to bottom

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Working on a puzzle or cross-stitching while watching Great British Baking Show or The Office.

Favorite indulgence: Having a shopping spree at the local tack shop or plant store

What do you want people to know about you: I am very welcoming both in my home and at work, and I enjoy collaborating with everyone I work with when it comes to delivering vet care.

Something you would like to give to others: A constantly available ear - I want everyone to feel heard.


Head to Tails with Marie Gerg, CVT

Name: Marie Gerg, CVT

Role: Certified Veterinary Technician

Best Thing about PetVet365: The compassion, care pets receive, and the welcoming environment.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Learning new things.

Favorite indulgence: Long hot baths, snacking on dark chocolate, pistachios and almonds, camping and psychological thrillers!

What do you want people to know about you: I am hardworking, dedicated and also fun loving. I love to learn.

Something you would like to give to others: Compassion for others, empathy and a sense of purpose.



EARN $5000 - YES YOU!

Refer your veterinarian friend who would love to be part of PetVet365. Email Thom Carlisle, DVM.

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