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February 2023

Marcum Barkin’

By Dr. Todd Marcum

“Create change, be the rising tide that lifts all boats!"

At the heart of Petvet365 we believe in helping pets in a Fear Free way and helping veterinarians have the Freedom to Choose their practice life. The good news is, over the last several months I’ve seen other veterinary companies say they believe in some of the same things. I have seen more “partnership” opportunities for veterinarians. I have seen other companies begin to embrace Fear Free practice wide. Wellness Plans are gaining popularity. Several groups have now done away with non competes for associate veterinarians. You, me and all of PetVet365 is the rising tide that lifts all boats. We didn’t invent these ideas, but we were early adopters and one of the few, if not the only group, doing them all. We should feel good about being the rising tide for the future of Fear Free pet care and veterinarian’s Freedom to Choose. We aren’t just changing the profession; we are transforming the profession. Let’s celebrate when we see others that follow our lead.

Marcum Barkin - Your Input Needed!

Thank you for your feedback on the Marcum Barkin. I've received many comments on how much you are enjoying the publication, and that you want to keep it going. I'm also very pleased to be receiving great content from all of you. The newsletter is getting better and better because of your submissions! After a bit of reflection, we'd like to change the name of the publication to better reflect the intent of the newsletter in that it belongs to all of us at PetVet365. I'll continue to contribute a column under the title Marcum Barkin, but really want content coming from our talented team members for the rest of the newsletter.

So, let's have a naming contest! Please submit your ideas for a new name to by Friday, February 17th. We will then convene a selection committee to narrow the choices, and we'll then conduct a practice-wide vote for the final name. The winner of the contest will receive a $100.00 gift card. Thank you for your participation and for all you do for PetVet365.


Head to Tails with Jeff Lowery

Name: Jeff Lowery

Role: POD Leader Denver South

Best Thing about PetVet365: SO MANY! Strong positive culture, Fear Free culture, doing the right thing for our teams.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Meditation and stretching, dinner with my wife.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate Chip Cookies

What do you want people to know about you: My personality can seem intense, however my motives are purely supportive of others growth and development.

Something you would like to give to others: That undeniable understanding that someone believes in them and is there to support them through their growth journey.


Head to Tails with Dr. Jeffrey A. Mills

Name: Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM

Role: Veterinarian, POD Leader for Indiana

Best Thing about PetVet365: So far, I have worked relief shifts in 4 different locations. I have absolutely loved how welcoming all of the teams are! Everyone reaches out to see if I need anything, and to offer help and support with a smile anytime I need it. I also love the passion with which the teams care for the pets and the clients in a fear free way that is as welcoming to the clients as they have been to me.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: My family is my biggest source of daily joy. Two of my five children are still living at home, and taking the time to connect with them daily, to ask them about their day, and to make sure to "power down" the electronics and spend some quality time together is how I fill my daily bucket.

Favorite indulgence: I absolutely love zombie shows, zombie video games, zombie books, all things zombie. After the littles are asleep, I love watching a zombie horror show or playing a zombie video game. Currently, I'm very much enjoying The Last of Us on HBO.


VMX Debut

PetVet365 made our debut at VMX this year with a beautiful booth and cool swag designed by Bethany Petersen. Dr. Thom Carlisle did an amazing job as our Veterinary Out Reach Director making sure we made fantastic connections at the meeting. The event was attended by 26,000 people and we managed to talk to almost 1000 of them! We have already secured four veterinary students for externships and four strong doctor candidates from the meeting. Additionally, we hosted a Fear Free social hour with Dr. Marty Becker, founder of Fear Free, where he signed books for attendees. The event was a huge hit and gave us the opportunity to have more in-depth conversations about Fear Free and PetVet365. Thank you Thom Carlisle!

Cincinnati Vet Connect

By Paige Taylor, Hospital Lead and Director of Client Engagement

At the end of January, we participated in the Cincinnati Vet connect, an event aimed at building a network of veterinarians in the local area, to get together, unwind and build relationships. As you know, veterinarians can often be stressed out, overworked and a very compassionate group of people who benefit immensely from having a pack/support system. The event was attended by 16 Veterinarians, two Veterinary Technicians, and two additional support staff. It was a fantastic event. For those of you covering the pod's vet connect events, below find a few documents that might be of use.

CVG Vet Connect Overview:

Sample Vet Connect Email:

Sample 'Thank You' Email:


Fear Free Tip of the Month

Send syringes (no needles) home with the owner and have them give the pet a treat every time they see it! They will be volunteering for injections next visit.

Include a Fear Free pre-questionnaire for every pet and save it in the pets document section in Hippo.


PetVet365 - A Force For Good!

PetVet365 has been accepted to participate in Loyal's Longevity study for dogs.

Loyal's mission is to help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Their team of veterinarians, scientists and dog lovers are pioneering new research focused on understanding and treating the underlying causes of canine aging. Some of our hospitals will be enrolling team and client owned dogs in a study that is seeking FDA approval for an anti-aging longevity medication for dogs. The study will follow dogs aged 10 or more over 4 years to assess the effectiveness of the trial medication. Talk about putting our WHY into action! Thanks to those of you who have signed up to participate.

If you want to learn more about the study, click the following link:

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