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July 2023

Marcum Barkin'

By Dr. Todd Marcum

Opportunity & Freedom

The meaning of 4th of July usually gets lost on me with hot dogs, fireworks, and watermelon. It's pretty incredible that for all our warts, many if not most, people still view our country as the definition of freedom. Clearly, any of us could cite something that is an egregious act that violated someone’s freedom. We all read the news. But the people who remind me of just how lucky we are in the USA are the newly immigrated workers believing in the American Dream. I love talking to them.

Most of us joined PetVet365 because we wanted that same freedom, that same American Dream to own our own business and make many of our own decisions. Our company is young and growing; we have and will make mistakes, but never doubt for a minute the sincere desire to provide that freedom and opportunity to each person in PetVet365. Opportunity isn’t a guarantee, it's related to hard work, leading others, and paying attention to the details. Opportunity comes first, and freedom follows. There is a certain amount of inherent freedom in this model, and it will increase as we all do our very best with the opportunity we’ve been given and succeed.

We all said we want and desire opportunity and freedom. Grab a hold of it and go farther than you ever thought you could go, remembering the new immigrant who is so giddy with excitement to be in the USA living their dream.


Anderson Wins Best Business Award for Seaside Parade Float

America’s Birthday celebration had a surprising new mascot this year: dancing sharks. PetVet365 Anderson swept into the Anderson Township Fourth of July Parade sporting a beachside float with a giant sandcastle, palm trees, and inflatable fish. The highlight of the display was two inflatable sharks played by team members Brooke Pollard and Gabby McCollum. The two sharks were enthusiastically hailed by both children and adults along the route—even being stopped for a photo op with the Dunkin Donuts mascot! The rest of the Anderson team gave out high fives, coupons, popsicles, swag, and candy to the over 9,000 people in attendance.

At the judges’ stand, Brooke and Gabby broke out into a choreographed dance routine to “Baby Shark” that was met with a roar of approval from the crowd. The entire Anderson team worked tirelessly to build the float and make this event a huge success. Their hard work was rewarded with a “Best Business” award for the spirited display.

Additionally, Anderson was featured in several news articles, helping to promote PetVet365 throughout the community. At the end of the day, Anderson left a lasting positive impression and a few earworms (Baby shark, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo) in our wake.

*Special thanks to Janell Duvall for donating her truck and trailer and driving our creation safely through the parade.


Vet Connect Tips

Indianapolis had another fun vet connect in May. We had 10 people attend. Three of them were first-timers! We are continuing our outreach to help improve the well-being of the community by promoting "Bring a friend, meet a friend." Several attendees also have friends they invited but who are planning to attend future events.

This event was very timely since it gave a lot of people a forum and a safe place to talk about the recent shooting at a veterinary hospital in Louisville. Even though this event was two hours away in another state, the ramifications of the event reached far and wide in our small veterinary community.People in Indianapolis have friends and family who live and work in the area of Louisville that was directly affected. Creating spaces like this for discussion and for veterinary professionals to unwind and speak frankly about their concerns is something that we can be proud of as part of the formal PetVet365 well-being program.


Fear Free Tip of the Month

Pets visiting Anderson are swooning for these fluffy rugs. These rugs provide a cozy spot to relax during the exam.


Head to Tails

We wanted to take the time to celebrate our fantastic vet students this month.

Kelly Maffei

I’m a second-year veterinary student at Cornell University. I’m originally from Harrisburg, PA, but I’ve spent some time in Pittsburgh as I got my undergraduate degree from Duquesne University. Outside of school, I love running, hiking, and just being outside. Sometimes my cat even joins me on my adventures in a backpack! I actually worked at PetVet365 in Fox Chapel before starting veterinary school, so I’m so excited to be back and practicing the Fear Free experience!


Karlamarieli Rivera-Albertorio

Hi! I’m a third-year veterinary student at The Ohio State University. I am originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Some curious things about me are that before I started vet school, I worked with a lot of marine animals back home, I’m obsessed with the beach, and I also grew up loving the idea of making my pieces of clothes, which is why I have an associate degree in fashion which comes handy.


Lily Heilmayer


Sophia Cappelletti


Kaelan Harmes


Emily Gallup

I am from Fishers, Indiana, and went to Purdue University for my undergraduate, where I was also a Purdue cheerleader. I am a 4th-year veterinary student at Lincoln Memorial University and plan to go into small animal general practice. During my free time, I found a love for shelter medicine and soft tissue surgery. I especially enjoyed the low-stress, fast-paced environment of the shelter operating room. Outside of veterinary medicine, I am a huge book nerd and am constantly looking for the next book to read to destress.


Open Forums

Don’t forget about our Monthly Open Forums. These are 30-minute calls scheduled every month for you to ask all of your questions and provide feedback. Upcoming Topics:

  • July (Wednesday, July 26th): Marketing

  • August: Recruiting

  • September: Training



Shadyside at the Junction earned their Fear Free Practice Certification

Dr. Breanna Uebelhor - Florence - earned Certification in Acupuncture

Emma Deyhle - Anderson - graduation from the University of Cincinnati’s Veterinary Technology Program

Gillian Krisanda - Anderson - graduation from the University of Cincinnati’s Veterinary Technology Program

Hannah Harris - Cranberry Township - graduation from Veterinary Technology Program

April Abbey - Jeffersontown - LVT Graduation and CCRP Certification

Kayleigh Smith - Jeffersontown - LVT Graduation


Quote of the Month

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