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March 2024

Clark's Bark: Stem Cell-ebration

By Dr. Andrea Johnson + Clark

INNOVATORS:   We are committed to continuous improvement and early adoption of new ideas and technologies that enhance the human-animal bond. This is part of our PetVet365 “How We Live Our Brand Every Day.” Recently, Clark and I came to realize how important this is and what a difference it makes.

Because we do it every day, we sometimes forget the incredible medical innovation we provide for the pets we see. A few weeks ago, Clark injured his leg playing ball while I was out of town. Of course, I was worried, but I knew Clark wouldn't be stressed, and I knew he would receive exceptional care. After all the diagnostics, it turned out Clark had arthritis in his talus, a possible ACL strain, spondylosis, and an Achilles injury. At any other practice, the treatment plan would involve drugs, maybe surgery, and a long recovery.

This is where we differ:

Ardent Animal Health had his stem cells banked, stored, and waiting. I had harvested and stored them when he was around 2, not knowing what he would need them for. At the age of 7, Clark needed them, so we thawed part of the collection. Dr. Brumley and Chase Combs (4th Year LMU student) at Brannon Crossing sedated him and performed intraarticular and IV injections. Clark did wonderfully (other than being a typical cheap drunk golden and sleeping all day from a whiff of Dexdorm). As most know, Clark has many jobs, and I wanted to get him back to his dock diving, running, therapy dogging, and happiness delivery. Within two weeks, he was clinically back to normal with no limp, and he competed in the season opener dock diving event with a best jump of 15’. WIN!

So how do we help client pets just like we do our own Chief Happiness Officer?

Ardent’s Spay/Neuter Cell Banking program is an easy way to plan for the future care of our patients. When the pet is having surgery, a dental, gastropexy, etc. - it just takes collecting two tablespoons of fat, and the cells are saved for life. This is just like when umbilical cord blood or placenta is saved for human babies.

Here is a quick video:

We have so many patients who will need this in their lives and clients need to know it is available.  I am happy to answer any questions about my experience banking Chad and Clark’s and Ardent is always up for a lunch and learn. I hope we don't need them again soon, however I am truly grateful that they are in the bank.


AAHA Feature

Dr. Hillard and her Westminster hospital were recently featured in AAHA Trends! This is a big win for both the Westminster team and our entire company. From the recruiting conferences this spring to our huge growth on LinkedIn to this article - you can feel the industry starting to take notice of us and our values.


Newport + Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Troop 7034 visited Newport PetVet365 and earned their pet care badge. Dr. McGowan had them sort through some pet care items and decide if they were for cats or dogs, or both. They also stuffed and put together cat/small dog beds that we donated to a local rescue. Everyone had a great time.


Unum Total Leave

You now have access to Unum Total Leave - a new program for Leave and Short-Term Disability.

When you need to take leave or use short-term disability insurance, Unum Total Leave guides you through the process. Total Leave’s simple online tool is available 24/7 to access your benefits, file a leave request or disability claim, and manage it until you return to work.

To get more information just go to and create an account or log in.

If you have questions about PetVet365’s leave policies, please reference our employee handbook in the University.


Dr. Brooks is a Local Star ⭐️

Dr. Brooks was recently asked to be part of a local news story involving crimes against pets in her community. Partnering with local newspaper and TV reporters to be an expert source is a great way to connect with your broader community. Congrats to Dr. Brooks - you were great!


Fear Free Tip of the Month

Taking radiographs can be very scary for our patients. Imagine being taken away from your parents, into a dark room, lifted onto a hard table, and held in place for what may seem like an eternity. Adding in the position may be painful, depending on the presenting complaint. Remember these tidbits...

  • If a canine patient struggles longer than three (3) seconds or a feline patient longer than two (2) seconds, this indicates a need to stop and reassess

  • If a canine patient struggles three (3) times or a feline patient struggles two (2) times, this indicates a need to stop and reassess

Since most of our patients struggle at some point for radiographs, this means most non-orthopedic radiographs and all orthopedic radiographs are going to require sedation (if medically appropriate).  Talk with your clients when recommending radiographs about the need for sedation. 


Head to Tails with Dr. Meghan Fincher

Role: PetVet365 Ross Park Owner / Veterinarian

Tell us about your pets:

Elba, 6yo German Shepherd

Fingolfin (Chief Silliness Officer) 3yo Flat Coated Retriever

Miri 8yo cute kittie!

Gandalf 7yo bearded dragon

Sam and Frodo 1 year old Chinchillas

Fish the goldfish

Best Thing about PetVet365: Fear free, 100%!  The ability to cultivate the culture I desire in my individual clinic.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Sit on the floor and have an animal I’ve just met climb into my lap for some love.

Favorite indulgence: Graeter's Coffee Chocolate Chip ice cream

What do you want people to know about you: I love the outdoors and travel so I try to pair those two passions (and drag my family along!) by traveling near and far (Europe and National Parks) to hike, explore and eat.

Something you would like to give to others: Confidence to stand by what you believe in and a deep desire to just help pets live their best lives while cultivating a good, trusting relationship with their owners.


Head to Tails with Andrew Bayne

Role: Vet Assistant Lead / Practice Manager

Tell us about your pets: Growing up I have had dogs my entire life. Both

dogs growing up have been large breed mixes, so I am the go to guy for

any large dogs in the clinic. Currently I do not have any pets, but I am the

fun uncle to my sister’s dog Axel.

Best Thing about PetVet365: My favorite aspect of PetVet365 is that no

matter what question or ask you have for someone in the company, they

are willing and eager to help. This goes for finding the right person to ask

that question or working through the process of figuring things out together.

The company never makes you feel left alone. Without everyone’s help I

would not have been able to get to the position I am in today.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Like most I thoroughly enjoy

just going home and relaxing. In the few nice days that Pittsburgh offers,

sitting outside on the back deck watching a movie, or sitting inside next to a

fireplace in the winter. My introverted self needs that relaxation after a long


Favorite indulgence: Any outdoor activity is my go to choice. If that is a

hike, kayaking, scuba diving, or just camping. I have always been one to

be outside as much as I could possibly be. This year I got a new kayak, so

I cannot wait to go test that out and possibly make a weekend camping trip

out of it.

What do you want people to know about you:  Although marine biology

(especially sea turtle work) may be my passion, this small animal clinic is

growing on me.

Something you would like to give to others: I am no motivational

speaker, but I would like to offer people some inspiration to take a chance.

I have been lucky to go on some awesome trips either through life choices,

or schooling that allowed me to experience events that some may never be

able to see. For this I would tell people to take a chance on opportunities

and see where that takes you.


Open Forums

Don’t forget about our Monthly Open Forums. These are 30-minute calls scheduled every month for you to ask all of your questions and provide feedback. Upcoming Topics:

  • April: Marketing

  • May: Recruiting

  • June: Training



Southlake Opened!

Dr. Genine Ervin-Smith

Clermont is officially Fear Free Certified!

Congratulations to Dr. Alyson Adams for becoming the new partner at Jeffersontown!

Congratulations to the technicians who have graduated!

Kellie Martin at Harrodsburg Road

Alex Stocker at Brannon Crossing

Our team has already grown significantly in 2024! We have....

9 new DVMs

40 new hospital team members

4 new Team Togo members


Quote of the Month


Text Request After Hours & General Line Shift Information

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