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May 2023

Marcum Barkin'

Interview with Dr. Todd Marcum and Dr. Jeff Brant

After 18 months of rapid expansion, it’s easy for any organization to get lost in all of the hubbub. That’s why our leaders met in Louisville to reground in “Our Why” and align on our top priorities as a company. During our time together, Dr. Marcum and Dr. Brant shared their thoughts on the industry and what we are working towards.

How has the industry changed from when you started practicing?

Dr. Marcum: The continued humanization of pets. When I first got out of school, we still saw pets living in the backyard and running loose around neighborhoods. As people began to treat their pets as family, the human medicine equivalents became the standard of care. We’ve also seen the gender dynamics of the industry shift, which has led to new perspectives and approaches to veterinary care.

Dr. Brant: The industry opportunities have broadened immensely. Veterinarians have more opportunities with more specialties, and we’ve seen the rise of new industries (salmon production). More people own more pets, and our services are in higher demand than ever. The science has grown, and the equipment we use is more sophisticated than ever.

What about the industry has stayed the same?

Dr. Marcum: The compassion of the caregivers.

Dr. Brant: The mainstay of the industry is about caring for pets - that hasn’t changed. There is more corporate ownership and more joint ventures. With disruptors working to create opportunities for veterinarians to own a hospital (ala PetVet365).

Who are the players in the industry to watch? What are they doing well? What do they have wrong?

Dr. Marcum: Chewy, Dutch, and Modern Animal. They are looking to create virtual care models, which the industry needs, but the technology is well ahead of laws and government. Pets most often need a hands-on visit, while pet parents want convenience. The profession needs to do its best to accommodate both while always advocating for the pet first.

Dr. Brant: Corporate ownership has brought a more focused approach to Veterinary Medicine as a business, has shown people how to market and build brands, and be more efficient. At the same time, I believe many groups do not understand the mindset and culture of the Profession and do not balance productivity and work/life balance.

When thinking about the industry, what keeps you up at night?

Dr. Marcum: How do we create a profession where people wake up excited to go to work?

Dr. Brant: More and more companies are getting their hand into the hospital P&L (lab companies, drug companies, financial companies), and I fear that veterinarians are losing control over their own destiny and becoming a slave to others (all those payments come due).

Talk to us about Destination 2025. What is it? What are the keys to getting there?

Dr. Marcum: Destination 2025 is a goal we've adopted that continues to add hospitals in existing markets and expand into new markets by sticking to the founding mission, vision, and purpose that PetVet365 was founded. The keys are focusing on "vet owned and vet led", leading to "vet loved!" When veterinarians love what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with, then they become “The vet your pet dreams about".

Dr. Brant: Destination 2025 is all about Freedom (controlling our own destiny). We ensure our ability to continue to march down OUR chosen path only by becoming profitable. If we are marginally profitable or not profitable, then others will choose our path (and we will not like the path or the pace).

What role does each piece of the organization play in getting us to Destination 2025? Investors, Team Togo, Pod Leaders, Partner Doctors, Vet Techs, CSRs, etc.

Dr. Marcum: Doing the little things each and every day that become big things. New pets, VIP enrolls, Fear Free experience, anytime access (aka same day appointments), locally owned community feeling, and sharing all the great stories with anyone interested in hearing about PetVet365.

Dr. Brant: This is all about teamwork, communication, and respect. We must all work together, communicate appropriately and respect what each person/team brings to the table. No one person or team can do it all. We must believe in each other and work to minimize risks and mistakes and move forward to our Destination 2025.


Pet Poison Helpline

Your Trusted Source for Toxicology and Pet Health Advice

We now have our very own PetVet365 helpline for when we need to consult with experts regarding the many household chemicals, plants, human substances, and medications that can be toxic to our pets. The medical team will be recognized as being from PetVet365, and you just need to provide the location name for help on a case. As part of this service, we also receive free team meetings and training. Pet Poison Helpline is led by board-certified veterinary toxicologists and has been helping pets for over 30 years. So the next time the lab eats the whole bottle of Rimadyl, or the puppy “couldn't have gotten any marijuana,” remember to use this fantastic resource.

PetVet365’s Direct Phone Number: 844-837-6504


Industry News - Treatment for Canine OA Pain!

By Dr. Sarah Hilliard

Exciting news from Zoetis earlier this month, Librela, the first and only injectable monoclonal antibody treatment for the control of canine OA pain, was approved in the United States! As with many pharmaceuticals, there will be a lag between last week's FDA approval and product availability (typically 3-5 months after approval), but we can all be excited that US veterinarians will soon have an incredible tool in hand to treat canine osteoarthritis.

Here are the highlights:

  • 40% of dogs have signs of OA in the US, but only 33% of these dogs are actively being treated

  • Librela targets Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a key component of OA pain (same mechanism of action as Solensia)

  • In two US field studies, dogs administered Librela as a monthly injection demonstrated a reduction in OA pain compared to dogs that received the placebo

  • While effectiveness may not be seen until after the second dose of Librela, some dogs may experience a reduction in pain as early as seven days after the first dose

  • The most common adverse events reported in dogs treated with Librela included urinary tract infections, bacterial skin infections, dermatitis, and increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN)

  • Librela has been used by veterinarians for more than two years in Europe as a treatment option for OA pain in dogs (over 4.6 million doses distributed).

  • European veterinarians who have used Librela rated their overall satisfaction 8.6 out of 10, the highest of any OA pain medication evaluated.

  • Your local Zoetis representatives will likely be fully trained on Librela over the next couple of months and will be available to educate you/your teams closer to product availability.


Read or download the PACKAGE INSERT


Fear Free Tip of the Month

Dr. Wardell at Anderson (soon to open her own location in Colerain) has shared Nudges Grillers are soft and easily broken into smaller pieces, and the dogs are really loving them. We’re also hearing great things about different types of salmon treats. 😋


Head to Tails with Dr. Morse

Name: Emily Morse, VMD

Role: Partner DVM - North Fayette

Best Thing about PetVet365: The opportunity to practice the absolute best medicine that is individualized for not just the pet but our clients, too!

What do you do daily that brings you joy: It probably sounds corny, especially because I don't really consider myself a “people pleaser,” but I genuinely get excited to squeeze in walk-ins and get pets signed up on VIP plans. The walk-ins needed care that they would have had to otherwise wait for, and VIP plans mean that a client trusted us and believed in us enough to commit to what we know is the best medicine for their pet!

Favorite indulgence: French fries! I would sooner give up my cell phone than cut french fries out of my life!

What do you want people to know about you: I believe in continued growth and development, not just for myself but for our teams. I’m excited to be part of a POD with such amazingly talented doctors and para and look forward to being able to utilize each other as resources to elevate our entire POD.

Something you would like to give to others: Perspective! I'd venture to say that the impact of most of our negative experiences could be subdued or even overcome by suggesting a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is explaining the “why” or offering a different story than the one we created ourselves.


Head to Tails with Dr. Hutchinson

Name: Dakota Hutchinson DVM

Role: Associate Veterinarian at PetVet365 Shadyside

Best Thing about PetVet365: The emphasis on behavior and having time to talk about proper socialization with owners of new puppies and kittens.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: I try to meditate for a few minutes every morning and evening, and I also like to try to find time a couple of days a week to play guitar.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate cake

What do you want people to know about you: I grew up having golden retrievers, Australian shepherds, and other very active dogs in my life. Three years ago, we adopted an English bulldog with even more issues than your typical bulldog, but I still cannot imagine owning any other type of dog now.

Something you would like to give to others: The knowledge that happiness is inherent in all of us; it is not something that you have to chase after.


Open Forums

Don’t forget about our Monthly Open Forums. These are 30-minute calls scheduled every month for you to ask all of your questions and provide feedback. Upcoming Topics:

  • June: Training & Education

  • July: Marketing

  • August: Wizard Wednesday



A big CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Morse and her North Fayette team!


Quote of the Month

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