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November 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Marcum Barkin'

By Dr. Todd Marcum

Pass the gratitude. I think I'll have a second helping.

The holiday season is here, and I felt moved to talk about gratitude and abundance. We are all pretty goal-oriented, and it's easy to focus on the 10% of things in our lives that aren’t perfect rather than the 90% of the things that are wonderful. We zero in on the annoyances of our friends instead of focusing on the fact we have a good friend. We are frustrated in traffic instead of grateful that we have a car. We all do it, and it's so easy to do. We can actually be ungrateful for our good fortune. Most everyone reading this has more than most of the world and the opportunity to succeed. For that, I am suggesting we should all be grateful.

Being grateful is healthy! Expressing gratitude has been shown to improve heart health and sleep. It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Showing gratitude also helps others. We move from expressing gratitude to showing gratitude with empathy, sincerity, integrity, and humility. It is rooted in “relatedness”, having people with which we can relate.

Gratitude in action. We have 15Five to give High Fives! When was the last “high five” you gave? When was the last time you went out of your way to thank someone?

As you reflect on your 2023, chances are you could not have done it alone. Expressing gratitude and showing gratitude can easily become a habit. Start today.

  • Think of three things you are grateful for.

  • Journal the three things.

  • Focus on positive intention rather than jumping to conclusions.

  • Explore mindfulness.

At your next team meeting, discuss how you can improve your use of expressing and showing gratitude. I believe it will help your team and yourself.


Duke living his best life thanks to Physical Rehabilitation

By April Lasile, LVT, CCRP

Duke is an 11-year-old Labrador Retriever mix weighing 70 pounds. He came to the clinic in May of 2022 with some weakness and ataxia in the rear. We started him on medication, and that seemed to help some. He came back in July because he was getting weaker. X-rays were unhelpful in coming up with a diagnosis. In September, the team decided to increase his medication. By December, he was weaker and acting anxious, which is abnormal for him. His parents felt it was getting increasingly difficult for him to move around, get on and off the couch, and do normal daily dog activities. The doctor recommended that they talk to me about rehab. His parents were hesitant, but saw it as their last resort to help him. We had a long conversation, and they scheduled an appointment 8 days later.

We started his treatment with basic exercises and laser therapy. I taught his parents the exercises that they could do at home. He was weak in the rear end, and most exercises were hard for him. The owners worked hard with him at home and were scheduled to see me once a week for exercises and laser therapy. Each week, I could see him get just a little stronger. After a couple of months, he was back to doing things that he hadn't done in a long time. When we got the underwater treadmill, he started getting in there weekly with the laser therapy, and his parents continued working on exercises at home. He is continuing to get stronger, and his parents feel that if they didn't start rehab, he would not be around anymore. He is the happiest boy and actually loves to come and work out!


We've Got Chickens!

By Dr. Candice McGowan

For vet tech week, I bought mini chickens off Amazon and hid them across the hospital for the team to find. I initially planned for 1 day but the team enjoyed it so much that we did it every day for vet tech week. The winner at the end of each day got a prize, and then there was a grand prize winner.

After vet tech week, the team continued to talk about the chickens, so I began handing out chickens for getting a new VIP, scheduling a surgery appointment, having a difficult conversation, or achieving something on their development plan. Once they collect 5 chickens, they spin a wheel for a prize.


Fear Free Tip of the Month

Dr. Resek & the Shadyside team have been using fluff for the dog lick mats. So far dogs love it and it takes far longer to get all the gooey goodness off! Even better if you crush cheerios into the fluff and it’s like a dessert they can’t resist! (Just make sure to keep the lid on so it stays good for a couple of weeks.)


2024 Holiday Program

For this year’s holiday program, we will run an Ugly Sweater contest on our centralized Facebook page.

Each week, we will post a request for pet parents to enter a picture of their pet wearing an Ugly Sweater. The pet with the most “votes” (aka likes) each week will advance to the finals. The finalists will compete the week of December 19th.

The winner and the associated hospital team will win a photoshoot with their pet.

Each hospital will receive a box of ugly sweaters and props to encourage pet parents to take pictures during their visit.

Best of luck to everyone!


Head to Tails with Kara Abel

Role: Regional Practice Manager in Louisville

Tell us about your pets: I have Pancho who is 5 years old and looks like a 40 lb Jack Russell. He has a fun, upbeat personality and is my son’s best friend in the world. Wiley is Pancho’s brother from another mother. He is a 5 year old solid black Border Collie Pomeranian mix. He uses our patio table as his throne, to which he stands on and watches over our yard for any creature that may dare enter his space. I also have an axolotl named Sushi and a hermit crab named Queso.

Best Thing about PetVet365: I love the people, they are at the heart of the company. The innovative ideas, the access to resources, the friendships, the power to help pets, and build relationships with the clients, all comes down to our amazing teams, doctors, and all the other people involved in the business. We are our biggest cheerleaders and means of support. That is why I love working for PetVet365.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Every day is different and busy. I get to go to work and build connections with animals and their owners. The pets will always show you their true colors, each as a unique creature, that Fear Free teaches us to respect as individuals and meet their needs accordingly. We are here to help those who don’t have voices and bring us so much joy in life. Then we educate and build relationships with owners to ensure the best outcome for both the owner and the pet.

Favorite indulgence: So many things. If I could have endless time and money I would travel, go to concerts, and always be near a beach where I could chill with a cold drink and snacks.

What do you want people to know about you: I am a mom number one, my kids are my world. I am a people person, who tries to have enthusiasm and energy for all the things life has to offer. As I get older my enthusiasm gets tired a lot earlier, but otherwise you will always find me busy doing something.

Something you would like to give to others: I would want to give others a sense of hope and inspire them to keep doing what makes them happy.

Most used emojis: 😂

Favorite Dog Treats: The new Girl Scout Berry Trios are pretty amazing

Favorite Cat Treats: Churus


Head to Tails with Dr. Wardell

Name: Suellen Wardell (Zeinner)

Role: Partner doctor of Colerain location, current associate at Anderson

Tell us about your pets: I have a 5-month-old golden retriever named Clark Jr (we call him CJ). He is the son of Clark, our Chief Happiness Officer, and when he was born, he looked so much like Clark that they called him Clark Jr, and my daughter insisted he keep his name. Lilley is my older girl's golden retriever. Peanut is our Chihuahua. I also have a flame point Siamese mix, Kion, and a black cat, Sally (named after nightmare before Christmas). My daughter also has two guinea pigs, Vaporeon and Umbreon.

Best Thing about PetVet365: I love the overall community. I've never had so many kind veterinarians willing to jump in and help each other and communicate. It's amazing.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: I love spending time with my daughter and my dogs. CJ and I have been going on training walks, which I love. I enjoy a trip to the dog park. As an introvert, I like to read or play games on my phone or Nintendo Switch.

Favorite indulgence: Going to Disney

What do you want people to know about you: I love making connections. I work hard to help others, and it is important to me to be included and build trust.

Something you would like to give to others: Perseverance to keep trying and confidence in themselves.


Open Forums

Don’t forget about our Monthly Open Forums. These are 30-minute calls scheduled every month for you to ask all of your questions and provide feedback. Upcoming Topics:

  • November: Recruiting

  • December: Training

  • January: Marketing



We've added 2 new hospitals since our last edition - our network has grown to 21 hospitals!


Dr. Jeff Lowery & Dr. Pranav Chawla


Dr. Sarah Hilliard & Dr. Ashley Tan

We've also had two more hospitals achieve their Fear Free certification.


Dr. Katie Smith & Dr. Amber Hickson


Dr. Patricia Davis


Marketing Tips for the Season

Tip 1:

Referral Marketing: Send care packages to your local pet borders / pet sitters. It’s their busiest time of year and they could all use a little extra appreciation. This is a great way to start building a relationship with a potential referral partner.

Tip 2:

Offer your pet parents a Black Friday promotion. For example, maybe free playtime at the hospital while they shop on Black Friday.

Tip 3:

Don’t forget to promote the Ugly Sweater contest! You could partner with local rescues and have them bring in their pets for pictures. Entering a rescue pet in the promotion is a great way to bring awareness to the fact that they are up for adoption.


Quotes of the Month

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