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October 2022


Please enjoy the inaugural Marcum ‘Barkin newsletter. This newsletter is in response to the many requests I’ve received to know what’s going on in the practice. I’m committed to sending this out monthly and will do my best to provide information and inspiration that hopefully you find useful.

If you have any specific requests for content that you’d like to see included, feel free to let me know.

Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing, caring and passionate team of caregivers. Thanks for all you do to make PetVet365 so special.

– Todd



Your Trusted Source for Toxicology and Pet Health Advice


Our Purpose: We believe pets should receive the highest standard of care 365 days a year


Personalized Care: We must partner with the family to provide the same individualized care we want for ourselves.

As we move from a traditional wellness plan concept to a membership concept this most compelling incentive for pet parents to join our VIP membership plan is “anytime access.” There will be and already is a day in many hospitals where we prioritize our members over nonmembers for same day service. Additionally, the peace of mind to be able to text our team regarding their pet is a huge value to anyone that cares for their pet like all their other family members. Not to mention the fact that their office visits are free, and we customize the care their pet needs to not make them fit into our membership.

I want to celebrate Florence, Jeffersontown, Brannon Crossing and Monroeville all above a 4 week rolling enrollment average of 20%. Anderson is knocking on the door at 18%. 365 anytime access and personalized care are part of our brand. If your hospital isn’t at 20% or knocking on the door, that’s a BRAND RISK.

Lets celebrate controlling what we can control. How much emphasis we put on this and how well we train our team is 100% in our control. We have to change the way we present these membership opportunities focusing on the real value proposition of 365 day a year anytime access and personalized care. I will continue to work on this with you, it is my number one initiative for 2023. We will get better, and you are the key.


Why Membership Plans

If we think of wellness plans as customized membership plans that allow for pet parents to come in for a visit or text us after hours with no fee, then who wouldn’t want that “concierge” type care.

  • We know that after hours emergency wait times can be up to 6-8 hours IF you can even be seen at all.

  • While everything FEELS like an emergency to a pet parent, most emergency clinics triage cases and most cases are not level 1 or level 2 emergencies.

  • We can help provide peace of mind on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and after hours by triaging non life threatening emergencies for our clients. It is a huge brand builder for our business and consistent with our brand promise.

Could there be a day where we give priority to our membership plan pets? I think that is likely. Will there be a day that we can centralize our text support team and even have a video telehealth triage team and treatment team? Absolutely.

Now is the time to share this unique opportunity for pet parents to have the peace of mind they so desire about their pet’s wellbeing.


EARN $5000 - YES YOU!

Refer your veterinarian friend who would love to be part of PetVet365.

Email Thom Carlisle, DVM



New Locations

  • Ocala/Clermont/Gainesville, FL

  • Denver, CO

  • Dallas, TX

  • Atlanta, Ga

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Dayton, OH

Existing Locations

  • Cincinnati

  • Lexington

  • Louisville

  • Pittsburgh


Leadership / Partner Tip

When people share their problems, they’re not always looking for solutions. They’re often seeking understanding. Venting may not make them feel better, but it does bring you closer. The most basic form of compassion is not alleviating distress. It’s acknowledging distress.

– Adam Grant


Head to Tails with Dianne Dawes, DVM

Name: Dianne Dawes, DVM

Role: Partner Lexington Harrodsburg Road

Best Thing about PetVet365: Rooms, team, effort, support. Provide best medicine in the best environment in the best way for the patient and pet parent wellbeing.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Helping people and pets

Favorite indulgence: Horses - many!

What do you want people to know about you: I want to leave people better than I found them.

Something you would like to give to others: Peace of mind professionally. I am available anytime!


Head to Tails with Thom Carlisle, DVM

Name: Thom Carlisle, DVM

Role: DVM Recruiting Coordinator

Best Thing about PetVet365: Opportunity to swing the ownership pendulum back to the veterinarian.

What do you do daily that brings you joy: Connecting with people

Favorite indulgence: Cake! Anything with frosting!

What do you want people to know about you: I believe in the power of planning and blessings and abundance can be obtained by following a plan. Plan your work, work your plan.

Something you would like to give to others: I want veterinarians to experience an abundant life, and to be richly rewarded from the profession I care so much about.


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